What am I viewing? The final product or proofs?

Proofs, these are the unedited images directly from the camera. Generally, photographs can always use a little touching up. This includes color adjustments, contrast, cropping, and other minor changes. We always make minor changes to the photograph before printing, free of charge.

How do I see my photographs?

Select the "Galleries” option at the top of the page.

For horse shows select "Equestrian”, the show type, the specific show, the horse’s show name.

When I order a print what do I receive?

Once you place your order we will then touch up the images along with any other extra editing requested. We print the photograph onto high-quality glossy photo paper. You will receive the print on a piece of cardboard, covered in a plastic film, inside an envelope with your name on it in the mail to ensure protection. We want you to be overjoyed with what you receive, thus we do our very best to provide you with the perfect product possible.

When I order a digital image what do I receive?

Purchasing the High Resolution Digital means Captured Moment Photography never gives up the copyright for these particular photographs, however this enables you to print copies, use for website or sale ads for personal use only (non commercial). Any commercial or sale of photograph to publications must be cleared by Captured Moment Photography, (contact Maria directly at 619-823-9758). The image, depending on size, will be sent to you via email directly or place on a CD-ROM and mailed.

What is the difference between a High Resolution and a Low Resolution?

Both are a digital image of a photograph that you will receive either via email or placed on a CD-ROM and mailed to you. The Low Resolution is a discounted version of the image. The difference is the image file size.

The High Resolution’s size is approximately 5-10 Mb which gives you the ability to use it for any computer viewing (previewing, desktop background, websites, facebook) plus PRINT it on any type of material and at any size.

The Low Resolution size is approximately 100-200 Kb which also gives you the ability to use it for any computer viewing (previewing, desktop background, websites, facebook), however when printed it will be pixelated and low quality.

How do I redeem my Pre-Order/Opt-In?

Once you have chosen the photograph you want, select the last product option at the bottom "Special Order/Package Option” add to cart then select what you purchased at the show. Once you have finished selecting all the images then Checkout. For Shipping select the Digital Only Option to make it Zero. Continue the rest of your Checkout.

How do I add photographs to a package?

Once you have selected your package, go to the photograph you want to add and select the "Assign to Package” option just below the photograph and right above the Prints, Products, and Packages. Next select the package option to add the photograph to it. Continue until all of the package’s options are filled.

How do I add photographs to a Product (Coasters, Collages, Double-Sided, PhotoBooks)?

For the first photograph select the product itself such as Coasters and add to cart. Next photograph select the last product option at the bottom "Special Order/Package Option” and add to cart. Continue until all photographs are selected.

Do you have photographs of horse shows from years ago?

Yes, they are archived and not on the website. For past photos please contact Maria directly 619-823-9758.

Do you have custom Photograph Sizes?

Yes, we regularly perform custom work. Please call us or use the response form on the Contact Us page for further information.

Shipping Policy

Captured Moment Photography includes shipping with all orders for a nominal fee. We will ship via UPS or other ground delivery service for physical addresses, or USPS for post office boxes.

Next day service is available as a special order. Please contact us by telephone to arrange for next day service. We cannot provide anything other than standard ground service via the online ordering service.

Privacy Notice

The information we learn from customers is only used to place individual orders. It is never made available to anyone outside Captured Moment Photography for any reason. We utilize the following types of information:

Contact Information: We receive and store your name, address, telephone number, and email address in our database for order processing use only.

Order Information: Any information needed to process an order is saved in our database, except for credit card information. Your credit card information is only saved long enough for us to process the order. Once we have contacted you (if necessary) and processed the card and shipped the order it is removed from the server.

E-mail Communications: Aside from order processing or occasional promotions, we do not send automatic emails to our customers. We do send a confirmation email when an order is placed, and we will only contact you via email to clarify your order or to send certain proofs if requested. We never share the information you give us with anyone for any reason.

Cookies: Cookies are small files that we transfer to your computer's hard drive. They are commonly used on the Internet to enable Web sites to recognize your browser and to provide features such the Shopping Cart, customer identification, and other personalized information. We do not store any sensitive information in cookies.